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Aerobie AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Aerobie AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

  • $30.99
  • $40.22

This coffeemaker and espresso machine is a fast performer, enabling you to promptly fill up on fresh hot coffee and keep going with your day. Also, the epicurean brewing method featured on the Aerobie 82R08 enables you to indulge in the warmth, boldness, and richness in every cup you make.


  • Micro filtered coffee so pure and particle free that it can be stored for days as a concentrate for Cold brew coffee
  • Unique coffee espresso maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavor
  • Included travel bag makes this item great for traveling the world and brewing great coffee
  • Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds
  • Then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds

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