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de Buyer Le Tube Pressure Pastry Syringe Model No. 3358.00

  • $123.99
  • $202.00

Multifunctional and practical, Le Tube is intended for the same uses as pastry bags. Its ergonomic, non-slip handle and stainless steel lever make it simple and safe to use. The amount that is dispensed each time it is pressed is controlled by knob and graduated markings: a very precise dosing system. The 0.8 litre container is transparent for easy filling and to see the amount of food it contains during use. The piston system stops the flow between 2 presses, for neat and accurate work. Easy and quick to put together and take apart. Dishwasher safe. It comes with 2 nozzles - plain and fluted. (Other nozzles can be ordered separately). For thick to compact foods (choux pastry, petit four pastry, Chantilly cream, confectioner's custard, genoise, moelleux au chocolat...).


  • Le Tube, a pressure pastry syringe with the same applications as pastry bags: filling, garnishing, decorating.
  • Ideal with thick preparations such as creams, thick mousses, choux pastry...
  • Simple to use: dispenses a certain amount of the preparation by exerting pressure on the neck.
  • Has a knob with graduations (cl and oz.) to accurately regulate the amount dispensed.
  • Graduated transparent container (cl and oz.) of 0.75L: easy to fill.
  • Flexible syringe system: adapts to the amount of preparation in the container, stops the flow between two pressures.
  • Lids with "1/4 turn" locking: quick and easy assembly.
  • Compatible nozzles: de Buyer polycarbonate nozzles; interchangeable.
  • Supplied with 2 nozzles: 1 smooth and 1 fluted.
  • Can be put in the refrigerator, deep-freezer and blast-chiller. Only the container is microwave-safe.
  • Care: dishwasher-safe.

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