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Parrot PF723401 Hydrofoil Drone, Newz

  • $148.99
  • $149.99

Discover Parrot Hydrofoil Drone, one of our second-generation Minidrones. The hydrofoil is a hybrid drone that uses its propellers to move on fresh water. Its nautical structure props the Hydrofoil Drone up 5 to 6 cm above the water, in a balanced manner. Fast and easy to pilot, it speeds up to 10kph (6.2 mph) on water. You can also fly your Minidrone for an incomparable piloting experience! Parrot Hydrofoil Drone is a Two drones in one! You can use the Hydrofoil structure to glide through water and then remove it and fly the Minidrone in all directions.


Fly your drone very easily via Bluetooth and Freeflight 3

  • The app Freeflight 3 offers intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet and connects to your Hydrofoil Drone through Bluetooth® Smart.
  • Max distance : Range 20 m/65 ft.
  • The FreeFlight 3 App is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Embedded mini-camera

  • You can take aerial shots with the embedded mini-camera.
  • Snapshot VGA (480x640) 300,000 pixels.
  • Flash memory 1GB.