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SoundLogic XT 5200 mAh Portable Power Bank with 4 LED Lights

  • $16.99
  • $49.99

Is your cell phone battery running low, and you're on the go? Take out your SoundLogic XT Portable 5200 Power Bank with 4 LED lights! This rechargeable Power Bank is great when you need an extra charge to get you through the day. Its small size makes it easy to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack so you have it where ever you need to go. This item is great to have as a backup charger in case of emergencies or when you Don't have access an outlet. Another bonus is the built-in 4 LED flashlight for when you just need a little more light. This portable rechargeable Power Bank is a must whenever you are out and about.

• Charges iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets
• Rechargeable via USB connection
• 4 built-in LED Lights
• Power indicator on/off switch
• 5200mAh battery

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