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SoundLogic XT Bluetooth Indoor & Outdoor Party Speaker

  • $32.99
  • $79.99

This is the SoundLogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor Party Speaker. This thing just simply rocks! Pound for pound and dollar for dollar this is probably the best Bluetooth speaker on the market today. Over 100,000 of these have already been sold. No reason to fix what ain't broke. This is the original... and still one of the best. For use by - but not in - the pool, this is a turn-key sound system for taking your tunes wherever you go. Of course it connects to your phone or tablet to play whatever comes out of your device. This thing will also play music off of an USB thumb/flash drive or from an SD card. Can skip-forward, skip-backward, play, pause, and do all the other things you would normally be able to do. Can even plug-in via a 3.5mm aux cord (included!) Comes with cool and convenient carrying strap so you can take it anywhere. Works without batteries!! Built-in battery will last 4-6 hours based on music & volume. Will run forever if given power. • Compare to Bose Soundlink, Altec Lansing Lifejacket, Anker SoundCore, DKnight MagicBox, ... or other high-end products • Amplify Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, SHO, ESPN, MLB, or other service anytime anywhere • Works with iPhone iPad Samsung HTC Nexus LG and any other Bluetooth enabled device • Dual Tweeters plus an Active Subwoofer provide excellent sound quality even at high volumes • Measurements: 10" x 5.5" x 4.5"

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